Selected Publications

“A first principles framework to predict the transient performance of latent heat thermal energy storage"
Journal of Energy Storage, Vol. 36 April 2021, (K.P Shete, S.M. de Bruyn Kops, D. Kosanovic)

“SunDown: Model‐driven Per‐Panel Solar Anomaly Detection for Residential Arrays”
ACM SIGCAS Computing and Sustainable Societies; COMPASS 2020 conference, Guayaquil, Ecuador, June 14‐17, 2020, held virtually June 14‐17, 2020, (M. Feng, N. Bashir, P. Shenoy, D. Irwin, and D. Kosanovic)

“Peak Forecasting for Battery‐based Energy Optimizations in Campus Microgrids”
ACM e‐Energy 2020 conference, Melbourne, Australia, June 22‐26, 2020, held virtually. (A. Soman; A. Trivedi, D. Irwin, D. Kosanovic, B. McDaniel and P. Shenoy)

“Solar Energy System Design & Storage Scheduling via Linear Techniques, Broadening Renewable Integration”
Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems, 2017. (R. Bryce, M. Eaton, H. Balasubramanian, D. Kosanovic)

“Primary‐secondary de‐coupled ground source heat pump coefficient of performance optimization through entering water temperature control”
Applied Thermal Engineering, Engineering Vol. 96 March 2016 107–116 (J. Marmaras, J. Burbank and D. Kosanovic)

“Modeling of combined heat and power plant performance with seasonal thermal energy storage”
Journal of Energy Storage, Vol. 7, 2016 (B. McDaniel, D. Kosanovic)

“Operational planning in district combined heat and power systems by mixed-integer non-linear programming models”
International Journal of Power and Energy Conversion, Vol. 6, No. 1, 2015 (H. Gopalakrishnan and D. Kosanovic)

“Operational planning of combined heat and power plants through genetic algorithms for mixed 0–1 nonlinear programming”
Computers & Operations Research, Vol. 56, April 2015 (H. Gopalakrishnan and D. Kosanovic)

“Economic optimization of combined cycle district heating systems”
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, Vol. 7, 2014 (H. Gopalakrishnan and D. Kosanovic)

“Energy and Exergy Analysis of a 16-MW Combined Cycle District Heating System with Performance Improvements”
International Journal of Exergy, Vol. 13, No. 3, 2013 (S. Suresh and D. Kosanovic)

“Development of the Chilled Water System Analysis Tool for Assessing Energy Conservation Opportunities”
ASME 2013 7th International Conference on Energy Sustainability, Minneapolis, MN, July 14-19, 2013 (G. Gaudani, A. Quintal and D. Kosanovic)

“Chilled Water System Analysis Tool (CWSAT) and Application to Manufacturing Plants”
2013 SAE World Congress and Exhibition, Detroit, MI, April 16-18, 2013 (A. Quintal, G. Gaudani and D. Kosanovic)

“Ground Source Heat Pump Operation and Optimal Entering Liquid Temperature”
2013 ASHRAE Winter Conference January 26-30, 2013, Dallas, Texas. (J. Marmaras, J. Burbank and D. Kosanovic)

“Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) - Design vs. Actual Operation (Are Aggressive Energy Targets Achievable?)”
2013 ASHRAE Winter Conference January 26-30, 2013, Dallas, Texas. (J. Burbank, J. Marmaras and D. Kosanovic)

"Real-Time Thermodynamic Performance Monitoring and Optimum Thermo-economic Operation of Power Plants"
ASME Power 2011 Conference, Denver, CO July 12-14, 2011, Power Technical Publication: POWER2011-55018 (H. Gopalakrishnan and D. Kosanovic)

"Energy and Exergy Analysis of a University Power Plant"
2011 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry, Niagara Falls, NY, July 2011 (H. Gopalakrishnan, S. Suresh, and D. Kosanovic)

"Thermodynamic Analysis of Combined Cycle District Heating System"
33rd National Industrial Energy Technology Conference, New Orleans, LA, May 2011 (S. Suresh, H. Gopalakrishnan and D. Kosanovic)

“Evaluation of the Contribution of On-Site Generation to Grid and Customer Reliability”
SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing, June 2011 4:468-476 (T. Kanitkar and D. Kosanovic)

“The Potential for Combined Heat and Power in Massachusetts”
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy Conference, 2007 (L. Mattison, D. Kosanovic)
Master's Thesis, University of Massachusetts, May 2006 (L. Mattison)

“Incorporating externalities into a full cost approach to electric power generation life-cycle costing”
Energy, 2004 (I. Roth, L. Ambs)

“Cost Optimization of Water Recovery Systems for Steam Injected Gas Turbines”
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Turbo Expo, 2002 (G. Blanco, L. Ambs)

“Water Recovery Systems for Steam-Injected Gas Turbines: Size Optimization and Life Cycle Savings”
International Joint Power Generation Conference, 2002 (G. Blanco, L. Ambs)

“The Development of an Energy Evaluation Tool for Chilled Water Systems”
2001 (M. Stocki, D. Kosanovic , L. Ambs)

“Process Parameters and Energy Use of Gas and Electric Ovens in Industrial Applications”
2000 (D. Kosanovic , L. Ambs)

“More castings with less energy”
1999 (L. Ambs, D. Kosanovic, M. Muller, D. Kasten)

“Metal casting extended assessments”
1999 (L. Ambs, D. Kosanovic, M. Muller, D. Kasten)

“Improving the Efficiency of Die Casting Machine Hydraulic Systems with the Retrofit of Adjustable Frequency Drives”
1999 (L. Ambs, D. Kosanovic, C. Edberg)

“The Use of Variable Speed Drives to Retrofit Hydraulic Injection Molding Machines”
Energy Engineering, 1998 (L. Ambs, M. M. Frerker)